The first entry of this project has this ambiguous, yet pretty emblematic title, “Voices”. What kind of voices am I talking about? Well, to begin with, I would like to spend a few words on the idea behind this blog. It all started while I was writing my MA thesis when I found myself struggling with the binomal gender/conflict. In order to contextualize what I am about to say, my MA thesis focused on the specific case of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, analyzed from a bottom-up, narrative, gender perspective. Having always been passionate about communication, storytelling, Feminism, it came as a surprise for me, falling in love all over again with these topics. The peculiarities of modern conflicts find a very special way to be combined with the social persceptions and constructions of gender. The idea of victimhood perpetuated by the narratives on women in modern conflicts, not only tends to reinforce pre-existing patriarchal values, but it is itself reinforced by the circle of violence generated by the conflict dynamics, in a never-ending process. For these reasons, it becomes crucial when we talk about gender and conflicts, to focus on narratives. Our voices and the meaning they carry are a powerful tool. Storytelling, as a trait of mankind, can be considered the natural ability of human beings to report happenings, events, or emotions, within specific semantic boundaries, through the means of a story/narrative. Listening to women’s voices and their stories unties the official Westerncentric, male-focused, and hegemonic narratives from their staticism and monolithism.

I want to dedicate this blog to the voices of women. I want to use this space to connect with women from different backgrounds, countries, educations, in order to give space to the wonderful symphony that generates from sharing stories and voices.

The first entries following this one will be dedicated to the chapters of my MA thesis. Whether it might have some more technical parts, it nevertheless embraces the ideas and core of this project.



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