This work has a particular importance for me. My last-longing interest in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as well as my rooted belief in the Feminist cause, certainly contributed to render this thesis a valued and deeply felt contribution. Nonetheless, due to determined contingencies, the thread that links me to these topics became even stronger. During my travel to Palestine in the month of August 2019, I have experienced on my own skin the reality of occupation and the overall militarisation of the State of Israel: my entry in the country followed a rather troubled procedure, where I was interrogated, threatened and humiliated due to my willingness to collaborate with a Palestinian NGO for my Internship. These factors, and the following month that I had been able to spend travelling around Palestine and Israel, exacerbated my partisan vision of this conflict. When I was sent back to
Italy, having been refused the extension of my visa, I had a heavy emotional baggage. Nevertheless, the writing of this thesis, served to me as a healing process: it enabled me to see the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through a more constructive eye. Thanks to this work, the research behind it, and the analysis conducted on the Political is Personal project, I managed to build my hopes again for a land that is as close to my heart as my own. And, especially, reading the stories of Palestinian and Israeli women, helped me to feel their struggle, their sufferance, and their strength. Coming from a more privileged situation, and knowing that my contribution will be contextualized in the academic world, my hopes are that my work would make the voiceless protagonists of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict heard and recognized.


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